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It is crucial for organisations to consider the importance of employee wellbeing for the benefit of the employees and also for organisational outcomes. Work strain is related to sickness absence, turnover and depression with costs of around AUD$700 million per year to Australian organisations.

What is Wellbeing?

Definitions of wellbeing are complicated for a number of reasons. A primary issue is who; individuals, organisations and governments, defines the concept.

Adesso Framework

The Adesso wellbeing framework comprises a series of questions that reflect 5 broad domains of wellbeing, namely

 1) Purpose, 
2) Mind,
3) Body,
4) Connection, and 
5) Financial

These domains touch on the individual, health, social, and economic dimensions of wellbeing. 

Your Benchmark

Adesso profiling tool provides a snapshot of where people are NOW across five key drivers: Purpose, Mind, Body, Connection and Financial. This snapshot offers individuals the opportunity to clearly articulate goals and measure, reflect and review personal wellbeing and professional growth.

Adesso profiling tool is used to measure and articulate life preferences in individuals, developed on the basis of extensive research and expertise in the fields of neuro-science, learning and development, wellbeing and coaching methodology. 


Adesso Users

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As a manger I found it extremely useful to get a visual of my own results across the five drivers of wellbeing and my overall teams results. I will use the report data to make sure I check in and support my staff best I can.

Our Valued Clients

Verified in Collaboration

with the Australian National University

Dr Richard Burns from the Centre of Research on Ageing, Mental Health and Wellbeing at the Australian National University and Adesso have partnered on a research report to further validate the tool.


A review of the wellbeing literature underlying the theoretical model of the Adesso Framework

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