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Adesso Wellbeing Audit & Strategy

Our wellbeing audit provides an innovative and comprehensive review of an organisation’s wellbeing. The intent of the wellbeing audit is to provide a 360 degree snapshot of an organisation’s health and sustainability.

With employers’ obligations in relation to health and safety extending beyond physical safety to encompass psychological safety, the audit provides a solid approach that reviews, validates and explores the organisation’s wellbeing culture. 

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The report and audit findings provide an organisation with considered and relevant strategies to manage the health, safety and wellbeing of all staff. The report and recommendations also offers employers the opportunity to provide external stakeholders with confidence and evidence that demonstrates the commitment to a health and wellbeing culture. 

Key Features


Desktop Audit

The desktop audit will review policies, procedures, claims and incident reports. The review is designed to verify that your company has developed and implemented effective wellbeing policies, procedures and contracting practices. It also verifies that the business keeps appropriate documentary proof of implementation in order to demonstrate compliance in the event of an incident or claim.

Data Collection 

The data collection relative to current levels of wellbeing and staff perceptions and concerns is collated through the use of the Adesso Profiling tool. Adesso provides a snapshot of where people and organisations are NOW across five key drivers: Purpose, Mind, Body, Connection and Financial. This snapshot offers individuals the opportunity to clearly articulate goals and measure, reflect and review personal wellbeing and professional growth.

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Round-Table Discussions

We will conduct a series of round table consultations and individual conversations as part of our research, these coaching style conversations will both further inform overall perceptions directly from staff and enable us to build accurate persona groups. A persona group will be created for each of the professions and staff types across the business. The persona types will include the following:
•    What each of the persona groups would like in the way of wellbeing and resilience support
•    Pain points specific to each persona group; and
•    Concerns of each persona group

Analysis of Available Resources

The audit process will provide your business with the visibility to assess the variety of approaches and interventions in place across the business. 

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Wellbeing Audit Report

At the end of the analysis phase, a report is presented to management that will present audit findings and will aim to develop overall wellbeing priorities and determine appropriate controls and time frames for completion and review moving forward. The audit report will include findings incorporating a combination of both quantitative and qualitative data. 

Wellbeing Strategy 
For organisations that would like to take this process one step further and embed a culture of wellbeing into their workplace, information collected through the Wellbeing Audit can assist in the development of an overarching wellbeing strategy that is considered and custom designed to meet the requirements of your business, your people and the type of work you do. 

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