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Growth Tips for Employees

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Something that has grown or is growing. Personal growth and development let your employees to produce better results and meet their goals throughout the year. Through development opportunities within your workplace, you can expect to attract potential employees, and keep your current employee population motivated, dynamic and confident. Something that has grown or is growing.

Be proactive in your own learning/training

Let your managers know that you are willing to undertake training programs and learn new skills. This could be done internally or externally. Depending on work place budgets you could acquire a mentor to teach you their knowledge and skills.

When training sessions are happening on site, participate in them and take notes from them

Be active in your career development and put your hand up for training sessions. Most of the time they are paid for by the company and will have many benefits. In some cases, you might even receive a certificate recognizing the training you have completed. This will help down the line when you apply for higher positions.

Be willing to try new things and learn a different area

An example could be if you are currently in reception, you might be able to move into admin or rostering. Most workplaces are happy to cross train as it allows more flexibility in the workplace and the roster. You may enjoy this new role more than your current one!

Take the opportunity to be a mentor or be mentored

o Trading knowledge is a powerful thing in the workplace and allows you to grow your skillset. This can then be taken into future jobs and careers.

o Being a mentor teaches you leadership skills and improves your communication skills. You learn to become more patient and find what teaching techniques work with you and your mentee.

o As the mentee you develop a new skillset and are able to take on more tasks and projects at work.

Take initiative in self development and training

Let your managers know you are happy to undertake any training if the opportunity arises

Being eager to learn more is a good quality to possess especially when it’s in an area that you are passionate about. Managers will notice your enthusiasm and you will stand out to them the next time they are selecting an important team for a new project.

Try to develop personal skills as well as professional

Personal skills are just as important as your professional skillset. You might have all the answer and information in the world, but unless you know how to communicate these ideas to other people, your professional skills will suffer.

An example of self-improvement would be if you are wanting to gain more confidence, you might offer to speak in the Monday morning briefs and present the weekly goals for your colleagues. This improves your confidence and shows you are proactive in becoming a better employee.

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