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Adesso Certification Program

Wellbeing has never been more important than it is today – for organisations, for leaders, for teams, and for individuals. Adesso Certification provides the opportunity for inhouse and independent trainers, coaches and wellbeing practitioners to gain a deep understanding of the drivers of wellbeing through a highly validated model of wellbeing. Practitioners can measure, assess and support these drivers for individuals, teams and organisations.

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Build Wellbeing at All Levels

Deliver Individual, Team or Organisation Wellbeing Reports, providing a range of strategies for development across the wellbeing drivers.

Conduct a Wellbeing Audit at the organisation level, to provide an innovative and comprehensive review of an organisation’s wellbeing. This gives a 360 degree snapshot of an organisation’s health and sustainability.

Administer comprehensive wellbeing assessments covering the five drivers and 15 sub-drivers of wellbeing to support awareness of wellbeing, satisfaction with wellbeing, and to understand the impact that the workplace or environment has on wellbeing.

Design and sell wellbeing solutions to internal stakeholders or external clients.

Provide practical tools and techniques for building wellbeing in a tangible and sustainable way.

Generate group reports to gain insight into the wellbeing of an entire team or organisation.

Develop wellbeing in individuals or teams by debriefing their assessment results in engaging one-one-one or group sessions, including in interactive and educational workshops.

Work with leaders to support wellbeing throughout an organisation’s culture, through wellbeing audits, wellbeing strategies, and engaging workshops and learning events.

Your Certification Program

Your certification program is scaffolded through three phases to ensure optimal engagement with the material and embedding of skills. You will also receive access to a range of practitioner resources.

1. Complete your Adesso Profile for Wellbeing

Complete your own Adesso Profile for Wellbeing to become familiar with the tool. An Adesso Trainer will debrief this with you and walk you through all elements of the profile and report. This is a useful insight not only into your own wellbeing, but also for your own practice once you become certified.

2. Undertake a comprehensive training program with an Adesso Trainer

Your Adesso course covers the following topics:

  • The Business Case for Wellbeing

  • The Adesso Framework – Influences and Research Base

  • The Adesso Framework – The Five Drivers of Wellbeing

  • Interpreting the Adesso Profile and Reports for Wellbeing

  • Conducting an Individual Adesso Wellbeing Debrief

  • Running Group Wellbeing Sessions

  • Group and Cohort Wellbeing Data

  • Creating a Wellbeing Action Plan

3. Debrief with an Adesso Trainer

Debrief the results of a sample Individual Adesso Profile with an Adesso Trainer. Your trainer will role play the owner of the report and you will debrief the report for them, to ensure you are comfortable and confident in working through the debrief process.

Become An Adesso Practitioner

In-Person Certification

A face-to-face certification program for individual practitioners such as coaches, counsellors, wellbeing practitioners, occupational therapists, psychologists and allied health professionals, who would like to use the Adesso Profile with their client base.

Live Virtual Program

For those who can’t make it to a face-to-face program but enjoy the engagement of real-time learning, you can attend an online program facilitated live by an Adesso Trainer.

Self-Paced Online Program

For those who would like to complete the program in their own time, you can work through our suite of comprehensive videos and resources.

In-House Certification

A bespoke certification program delivered within your organisation for in-house practitioners for ongoing wellbeing measurement and support across your organisational culture (learning and development professionals, clinicians, coaches, counsellors, therapists etc).

Become an Adesso certified practitioner

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