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Take a closer look at your wellbeing

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Individual Wellbeing Report

For individuals within an organisation, or seeking to improve their wellbeing individually

The individual report provides individuals with the opportunity to understand the importance of each of the drivers of wellbeing and identifies particular areas that may require additional focus and attention. It also identifies the impact of either their environment (Personal Report) or workplace (Professional Report) on their wellbeing. This provides individuals with the opportunity to develop strategies and a wellbeing action plan to make sustainable changes in their lives.

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Wellbeing Report

For individuals seeking to gain an understanding of their improvements over two individual reports

The Comparison Report provides a comprehensive overview of an individual's journey toward improved wellbeing by comparing their initial assessment (First Report) with a subsequent assessment (Second Report). This analysis highlights the progress made and the differences observed between the two assessments, offering valuable insights for personal or professional development.

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Wellbeing Report

For teams and organisations wishing to understand the wellbeing of their people at a deep level

At a team and organisational level the collated data and commentary about how the workplace impacts wellbeing, and how their people would like to be further supported is invaluable. This information can then inform the development of wellbeing initiatives and strategy in a way that truly meets the needs of the workforce. This contributes to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and lower costs.

Adesso Wellbeing Assessments provide invaluable data for organisations, leaders, teams, individuals, and the health and wellbeing practitioners who support them.

Our Assessments measure the importance of and satisfaction with the key drivers of wellbeing against a highly validated model of wellbeing, to support a resilient workforce and culture.

Why Choose Adesso?

  • There are a range of assessments and reports which provide data and tips to support wellbeing.

  • A highly validated and evidence-based assessment tool measuring subjective wellbeing.

  • Reports available for individuals (personal or professional), teams, and entire organisations.

  • Provides invaluable data to individuals and the health and wellbeing practitioners that support them, to teams, leaders and organisations.

  • An invaluable resource which can be integrated into a range of programs, such as leadership development programs, team building days, or resilient teams programs.

  • Supports resilient cultures in teams, workplaces and organisations through raising awareness and knowledge of the wellbeing drivers, and normalising conversations around wellbeing.


What Next?

Support Sustainable Wellbeing with a Wellbeing Program

When your team or organisation has completed their individual assessments, embed the learning and continue the conversations through a range of wellbeing workshops, delivered either face to face or virtually. From full-day and half-day sessions, to modular programs across a number of weeks, to bite-sized wellbeing conversations on a range of key topics and tips – it’s important to support your people to stay in engaged in their own wellbeing in a sustainable way.

Conduct a Wellbeing Audit and Create a Wellbeing Strategy

A wellbeing audit provides an innovative and comprehensive review of an organisation’s wellbeing. The intent of the wellbeing audit is to provide a 360 degree snapshot of an organisation’s health and sustainability.

With employers’ obligations in relation to health and safety extending beyond physical safety to encompass psychological safety, the audit provides a solid approach that reviews, validates and explores the organisation’s wellbeing culture. 

​The report and audit findings provide an organisation with considered and relevant strategies to manage the health, safety and wellbeing of all staff. The report and recommendations also offers employers the opportunity to provide external stakeholders with confidence and evidence that demonstrates the commitment to a health and wellbeing culture. 

Ready to Make Your Team More Effective?

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